Little Explorers creates a world of wonder for you and your baby to explore together.

During our exciting sessions, we not only boost your baby’s development but aim to increase your confidence and play skills to support you on your journey, with our inspirational Explore Together package. Little Explorers helps you create sensational play at home, well into toddlerdom – and beyond! As EYFS professionals, we fully believe in the benefits of developing a strong bond and know that quality play can help a baby feel listened to, understood and loved.

Our classes support you to be deeply attuned, and the security and trust your baby has in you will enable them to make more discoveries, create more electrical pathways in their brain, and achieve their fullest potential.

Our classes

Our 50 minute themed classes provide a wealth of exciting sensory experiences: will you be joining a swashbuckling adventure with pirates? Or zooming into space, with Space Man Sid?

Each class in our 8 week term follows the same set structure. You and your baby can feel secure and confident and get fully immersed in the new sensory experiences! The familiar structure also strengthens the existing connections, built upon each week, in your baby’s developing brain.

Come to one of our fabulous Taster Days, or book yourself a Taster Session to experience what we offer.

I couldn’t recommend Little Explorers more highly and I doubt there is a better baby class around.

Frank and Molly

What to expect

  • Large Sensory Group Session

    This exciting 20 minute segment is jam packed with amazing sensory experiences for you and your baby to enjoy!  Following a themed narrative, get ready to sing songs and make music with instruments; explore individual sensory tubs with your whole body; play with puppets, parachutes, bubbles and all kinds of messy play items; dance to The Stones, David Bowie or Vintage recordings of children’s favourites; or light up the room with incredible fibre optics and sensory lights!
    Each themed class follows an aspect of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.  We focus on developing your baby’s physical, language, number and emotional development, so you can be sure no week is ever the same!  We develop all seven senses (yes-seven! Check out the Ask Us tab for more info!) during this segment.
    We ask all carers to sing up, let go and not worry about embarrassing themselves!  No one is watching you and your baby does not mind if you say something silly – they are relishing the fun one-on-one time!

  • Exploration Zones

    Delve into the six Exploration Zones to really engage in meaningful play.  After the wonderfully intense group section, now is the time to play quietly and become deeply attuned to your baby.  Follow the tips on the individual Play Cards for each section, to really make the most of the themed experiences.  Take the time to get to know your fellow classmates and ask the class leader, who is always on hand, any questions or tips for play at home.

  • Messy Play

    A stack of baby wipes is always on hand at this zone but don’t worry, you can get as messy (or un-messy) as you like!  We have large sensory tubs for whole body exploration and smaller trays for hands and feet to explore, all creatively linked to the week’s theme.  All messy play items are natural and non toxic but we don’t recommend wearing ‘best’ clothes – and to bring a change, just in case!

  • The Treasure Trove

    Your baby will adore playing with all the different materials, textures, shapes and sizes of a huge range of natural and man-made items in these two large soft wicker baskets.   You’ll find specialist and everyday items in here – a rich vocabulary of language, just waiting to be explored!

  • The Feely Zone

    Expertly linked to the weekly theme, you’ll find all sorts in this zone!  Large non-messy sensory tubs and pools, and objects galore to explore!

  • Bang and Crash

    Who can resist the lure of making music?  Dive in and get noisy!

  • The Garden

    Come and relax on the grass and discover the range of real herbs, plants and flowers, artificial scented flowers, seed pods and cones, and our weekly changing smell pots which are, you’ve guessed it, linked to the week’s theme!

  • The Dark Den

    Our specialist dark tent creates a magical space to explore lights, fibre optics and projections; a firm favourite.

  • Massage and Bubbles

    After 40 minutes of sensational play, it’s time to relax and unwind with final segment of the class.  Who doesn’t love gentle music, massage and bubbles?  We’ll round up on your baby’s learning and sing our good bye song.  Little Explorers can pretty much guarantee your little one will fall deeply into a sweet slumber after a class – we’re yet to find a baby who has resisted!

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